This picture was taken in Brest, France that has been compiling information on the Liberation of France. It's Sgt. Chapman being picked up by the 6th Armored Division after bailing out over Western France on August 9, 1944:
"Hit by accurate flak over target area, pilot gave signal to bail out just after turn off target. Sgt. Chapman followed Sgt Henderson out, rest of crew remained with B26 which landed at Strip A-14 Normandy. Sgt. Chapman landed 1 1/2 miles from enemy lines and approximately 4 1/2 miles from Allied lines. On landing Sgt Chapman was taken by four French ladies to a nearby farm. From here he was taken to nearby woods, by a small French boy and told to remain hidden until dark. At dusk a Frenchman brought him civilian clothes and took him to a house to be fed. Afterwards he was taken to a haystack where he spent the night. Just before daylight he was collected and given breakfast before being taken to another hiding place. At around 10:00 AM the Frenchman returned and told Sgt. Chapman that Sgt. Henderson was also safe. Chapman requested that he should be taken to see Henderson but was advised that this was not safe there being many Germans in the proximity. At approximately 3.00 PM a patrol of the 86th Reconnaissance Company 6th Armored Division came over and picked Sgt. Chapman up."