Yank Who Contacted Reds By Radio Once A Salesman In Maryland


Sgt. Jack McKee
“the lnventingst man since Edison."
128th Ordn. Maintenance Battalion


St. Louisans Who Saved Ammunition Truck After Shell Hit It Are Among Medal Winners.


‘Infernal’ Bombardment, Heroism of Men When 128th Battalion Runs Into Nest of Nazi Flak Guns in Leipzig Area


8 Yanks storm German Town
128th FA BN


Lt. Brammer appeal to buy war bonds


How Brassiere Boys held Brest


The General lost a star


John Owen, army medic


 2Lt. Kurtz will have photo added to grave in American War Cemetery in Margraten

Sgt. Chapman being picked up by the 6th Armored Division after bailing out over Western France on August 9, 1944


Tragedy in Brehal
July 30, 1944


 Liberation Heulgoat,
August 5, 1944 


Liberation Chateauneuf de Faou,
August 5, 1944


Memorial De Lormeau
August 8-9, 1944


   Memorial Chateauneuf de Faou
August 5, 1944


Pvt. Leo Carrara
Soldier Qualifies as War's Iron Man'