Samuel J. Sapp

When the United States entered the Second World War, my great uncle Samuel J Sapp entered the service, on April 4th 1942. On January 16th, 1945, serving under General Patton's 6th Armored Division, my great uncle was stationed in Belgium, fighting in the last bloody days of the European campaign.
While in his tank, a German solider jumped up top of it, opened the hatch and threw inside, a live German hand grenade with a fuse of only 4 seconds. There was no chance of escape. He was 27 years old. Three months away from his 28th birthday.
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Samuel J. Sapp

Sergeant, U.S. Army

Service # 35375726

15th Tank Battalion, 6th Armored Division

Entered the Service from: West Virginia

Died: 16-Jan-45

Buried at: Plot D Row 6 Grave 25

Luxembourg American Cemetery

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Awards: Purple Heart