Louis J. Capozi

Is reported missing on "The Tablets of the Missing" at the Brittany American Cemetry in St. James, France.


Then on the 6th of August, the 1st Platoon of D Company was attached to the advance guard to support the point. Also the third platoon of this company was attached to advance guard with the mission of reconnoitering an enemy strong point on the flank of the column. The third platoon proceeded on an independent route and encountered a road block defended by small arms, machine guns and bazookas. The platoon drew very heavy fire from all weapons, deployed and withdrew under their own supporting fire after inflicting heavy casualties and driving off some of the enemy machine guns and bazookas. This action cost the Company an important casualty, Captain Robert B. McKenna, Company Commander of Company "D," who was wounded in the left arm. The first platoon in the point encountered small arms, bazookas, and mortar fire while reconnoitering an enemy strong point while in the vicinity of the route march, but received no casualties. The main body moved out of the Bivouac area at approximately 1745. Company C, now in the advance party, ran into stiff enemy resistance at Blouveaut, and came under fire from small arms, machine guns, mortars, and a battery of artillery. The enemy was dug in on well prepared positions. Enemy observation was good. However, a section of medium tanks, under the command of 2nd Lt. John Lundh, pushed into town and pressed the enemy back into the west end of town, while the CCA column bypassed the town and the strong point. This tank section knocked out two enemy machine gun nests and inflicted heavy personal casualties on the foe. It also admirably succeeded in screening the main body on the south end of the town, but the cost was heavy. Both tanks of the section were knocked out. Lt. Lundh's tank was knocked out by direct fire from a captured enemy French 75, and Sgt. Capozi's tank was knocked out by bazooka fire. The casualties were two killed, one wounded, and 4 missing.

nr. 3 Louis J. Capozi, F company 10 April 1943
source: Paul Warp collection

Louis J. Capozi

Sergeant, U.S. Army

Service # 32314986

68th Tank Battalion, 6th Armored Division

Entered the Service from: New York

Died: 6-Aug-44

Missing in Action or Buried at Sea

Tablets of the Missing at Brittany American Cemetery

St. James, France

Awards: Silver Star, Purple Heart