Lawrence Miller
November 1944 was a terrible month for Company B. They lost many good men.
On the 14th the entire 9th Armored Infantry Battalion passed into Division Reserve. During the period between the 13th and 23rd of November, the 9th AIB ng the iwas not heavily engaged in combat, but was filling gaps in the front line between two adjoining infantry divisions; as well as protecting the flanks of our own 6th Armored Division.
Now in the vincity of Brulange and Leyviller, the Company was beginning to face the strongly defended "Maginot Line" that had been constructed by the Germans. These strongly defended positions together with the extreme weathers conditions slowed the action. Cross country action by tanks was almost impossible. The few roads were almost impassable, and and action was hindered by mud and minefields.
Source: History of Company B, 9th AIB

Lawrence Miller

Technician Fifth Grade  U.S. Army

Service # 

9th Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division

Entered Service From: 

Date of Death: Nov 14, 1944

Buried: Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery Iota

Acadia Parish, Louisiana, USA

Awards: Purple Heart