Enoch E. Kelley

Tech. Sgt. Kelley died 1-Oct-1944 nearby Chambrey (France)
1 October 1944
As planned, the Div attacked east and northeast through units of the 35th Inf Div, with the mission of restoring the Corps Main Line of Resistance. CCA attacked to the north of the FORET DE GREMECEY with two combat teams abreast and one following, and by early morning the Command had reached and captured its objective: the high ground between FRESNES EN SAULNOIS and LEMONCOURT.
One combat team was shifted to protect the left rear of the new area. Res Comd attacked east to the south of the FORET DE GREMECEY with two combat teams abreast and by early morning had captured its objective: the ridge north of CHAMBREY. Both Commands were relieved during the afternoon and evening by elements of the 35th Inf Div which had closely followed the attack. They then returned to the assembly area east of NANCY and, in Corps Reserve, prepared to move out to repel any counterattack. CCB continued its holding action in the sector between the 80th and 35th Inf Divs.
The Command launched its attack in conjunction with CCA at 0620 with CT 9 on the left and CT 68 on the right. Upon crossing the front line of the 35th Inf Div it encountered heavy artillery and small arms fire and mines. The objective was seized at 0942. At 1000 the Command's reserve troops were committed to hold the objective against strong enemy resistance. At 1045 the Command extended its operations south and seized the town of CH'MBREY which had been held in force by the enemy. Troops dug in on the objective and held against repeated enemy counterattacks and heavy artillery fire while the 35th Inf Div moved up and occupied that portion of the Corps Main Line of Resistance within its zone. When relieved by the 35th Inf Div the Command withdrew under cover of darkness to an assembly area west of PETTONCOURT.
Source: Combat history of the 6th AD.


Enoch E. Kelley

Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army

Service # 34056720

9th Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division

Entered the Service from: Florida

Died: 1-Oct-44

Buried at: Plot C Row 25 Grave 72

Lorraine American Cemetery

St. Avold, France

Awards: Purple Heart