Anderson T. Carpenter

14 January 1945
The Div continued its advance, clearing the towns of MAGERET and BENONCHAMPS and the woods due east of W ARDIN and MAGERET. Elements of the 6th Armd made physical contact with the 90th Inf Div, thus pinching out the 35th Inf Div on the right. Although resistance was still quite heavy, the 6th Armd was gaining momentum in its drive toward the "Skyline Drive" and the OUR River.
RCT 320 (Byrnes): Attacked at 0800 and cleared the southern section of the woods northeast of BIZORY during the morning. At 1330 it attacked through and cleaned the woods north of MAGERET and by dark had consolidated its posit-ions and-made contact with elements on its flanks.
CCA (Hines): The plan for the day was to attack north and northeast with CT 44, clearing the woods to the east of W ARDIN and attacking the town, of BENONCHAMPS. CT 15 was to attack the high ground approximately 1500 meters northeast of BENONCHAMPS. Tr D 86th Cav Rcn Sq Mecz, one plat of Co F 86th Cav Rcn Sq Mecz and one Sect Co A 603d TD Bn reverted to control of CCA Reserve; and Tr C 86th Cav Rcn Sq Mecz reverted to Squadron control after CT 44 passed through.
By 1155 CT 44 reached and entered the edge of the woods. Within an hour this wooded area had been cleared and CT 44 moved north in the direction of BENONCHAMPS. CT 15 made good progress, meeting light resistance, and occupied the high ground northeast of BENONCHAMPS. This town was taken at 1330 and CT 44 moved on toward the high ground beyond. This high ground north and northeast of BENONCHAMPS was reached during the after· noon by both CT 44 and CT 15 where positions were consolidated. Tr D 86th Cav Rcn Sq Mecz held a small sector on the right flank of CCA, maintaining contact with the 2d Bn 358th In£ Regt, 90th Inf Div.
CCB (Read): Co C 50th Armd Inf Bn reverted from CT 69 to CT 50 because of the heavy losses sustained during the attack on MAGERET the previous night.
CT 50 jumped off at 1035 to clear the BOIS ST LAMBERT and tecure the high ground directly east of MAGERET. Initially the CT met very little resistance but as the attack progressed, opposition increased. CT SO's attack was supported by fire from CT 69. CT 69 remained in position and tied
in with RCT 320 for the night. XIX Tac: Fighter Bombers hit MICHAMPS, OUBOURCY and LONGVILLY with Napalm and Fragmentation bombs and bombed and strafed a motorized column estimated at 50 vehicles.

Anderson T. Carpenter

Private First Class, U.S. Army

50th Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division

Entered the Service From: Texas

Service #: 38547655

Date of Death: January 14, 1945

Buried: Plot H Row 8 Grave 52

Luxembourg American Cemetery

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg